• Tim Ferriss’s Jar of Awesome:
    Celebrating the Small Wins

    Ijust adore Tim Ferriss’s Jar of Awesome concept! I have adopted it for my kids.
    The idea is simple: every day celebrate ‘the small wins’ by writing down the awesome things that happened on small pieces of paper. Fold them up and put them in a jar. When you are feeling down, or lacking inspiration, they are there to uplift you.

    If you don’t celebrate the small things, you’re not actually going to be very good at celebrating the big things either.

    Tim Ferriss

    We use strips of origami paper to write our awesome things on to make it more appealing. The kids love it and it is fascinating what they come out with – it’s not always what I’d expect!

    For my art hit this week I have recoloured a pattern I created some time ago, this time experimenting with the recolour artwork tool in Illustrator CC. I hope you like the results.
    These patterns are available for licensing – please contact me for details.

    Have a great, gratitude-filled week!